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      You will find it on the third line from the end, she said. Messrs Hampden are perfectly right about it.OVERLAND BY STAGE IN THE OLDEN TIME. OVERLAND BY STAGE IN THE OLDEN TIME.

      Quietly and firmly he disengaged her arm from his, and putting her into her chair again, he presently returned, bringing a tray for her. Then, gently insisting, he made her eat and drink.I have cancelled the notice I gave them, he said. You will not have the pleasure of seeing the club furniture coming out into the street.

      "Which is a polite way of saying that they are not inclined to come out," the Doctor remarked.

      A JAPANESE IMPERIAL BARGE. A JAPANESE IMPERIAL BARGE.One of the innovations in Japan since the arrival of the foreigners is the railway. Among the presents carried to the country by Commodore Perry were a miniature locomotive and some cars, and several miles of railway track. The track was set up, and the new toy was regarded with much interest by the Japanese. For some years after the country was opened there was considerable opposition to the introduction of the new mode of travel, but by degrees all hostility vanished, and the government entered into contracts for the construction of a line from Yokohama to Tokio. The distance is about seventeen miles, and the route follows the shore of the bay, where there are no engineering difficulties of consequence. In spite of the ease of construction and the low price of labor in Japan, the cost of the work was very great, and would have astonished a railway engineer in America. The work was done under English supervision and by English contractors, and from all accounts there is no reason to suppose that they lost anything by the operation.

      But it is to be so, he cried. Theres no other{313} way out. Weve found each other: do you think I am going to let us lose each other? There is no other way.


      Suddenly Keelings anger evaporated, leaving only a sore throbbing place where it had burned.


      Yes, she said softly, raising her eyes again. And now shall we get on with the letters, Sir Thomas. There are still a good many not answered.


      And where should we have been if I hadnt demeaned myself with business? he asked. Didnt the new wing of the hospital and your pearl pendant, and your chatting like an old friend to a Princess all come out of my demeaning myself?{252}